Clarity Is A State Of Being // The story behind the Healing Art

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This is the creative process I went through the other day that resulted in the Healing Flower drawing „Clarity Is A State Of Being“.

I overslept that day and that always means a little bit of a rough start for me. I wrote a little bit about that on Facebook (you can skip that part if you’ve already seen it 😉 ):

„Good morning. I overslept today and although I am in the fortunate position that I only have myself to answer to, I really need to make a conscious effort not to let it stress me out when that happens.

It’s like this reflex kicks in that makes me want to catch up and dive into things in a rush because I always want to do so much. It feels like I slept „half the day“ away even though I woke up at 8.30, so it’s really more a question of my mind blowing things out of proportion.

And that is exactly what is the key, no matter what the situation really is: to get out of the story our mind is telling us. If I did follow this feeling of „Oh, I need to hurry now“, I know that whatever I would be doing would not turn out well. It would carry that stress, or maybe it would turn into one of those days where it seems like I am being productive but at the end the result would be empty and soulless (or some technical issue would arise and it were all for nothing or something like that).

So I am doing the only sensible thing: giving myself permission to take my time, to ease into things regardless of the clock and my ideas of what I should have accomplished by now. Not skipping breakfast but putting some extra care and love into it. Taking the time to enjoy it outside, lighting some candles.

That is what creates the clarity I need. Clarity is not just a state of mind, it’s really a state of being. I am thankful to be at a point in my life where I have understood that it is not about how much I get done in a day but what kind of energy I put into it. Doing just one thing out of a state of clarity definitely trumps doing a thousand things in a state of stress.

Wishing us all a great day. ✨💛✨“

I went to the Agni temple afterwards, which is always such a great place for me to find clarity. And that was what this day was all about. And I have to say, it was a struggle. All the advice I needed had really already been in my own words that I had written that morning (you know, doing one thing with clarity is better than trying to to a thousand things halphassed). But just because I know the truth of things doesn’t mean it is easy for me to act accordingly.

So I walked out of the temple with a short list of what I was going to do, and the intention to just focus on that. And boy, that list was really my lifeline that day. The first item on it was to draw a healing flower for clarity for my entire being (not just the mind). And that made me really happy.

And that’s when my „problem“ started: when I get excited about something I am doing, I get like a thousand new ideas to follow, and that’s when it’s so important to stay clear and make a conscious choice. On whether to stick with my original idea, or which of the new ideas to follow. Because it’s one thing to go with the flow of the moment, it’s another to recognize that it’s physically impossible to do everything at once (or in one day).

My go to remedy for that is to go for a walk and ground myself (and thus: my vision). But that day even that created a challenge, I just kept on having more and more ideas, and it was really hard for me to be present in the here and now (even though I brought my camera, which always helps me because it makes me focus on my surroundings).

When I got back I was in this frenzy of wanting to do more, share the artwork I had created but somehow I had a really hard time figuring out which channel to start with (should I put it up on Etsy first, and then on Instagram? Or just put it on the blog?). I eventually decided that I would just be ok with not doing anymore that day. That after all, just doing the drawing was my one thing, and hadn’t I so boldly stated that I would choose that over doing a thousand things?

The entire day around a drawing becomes a Healing Art transformation

By then it was time to meditate, and there I was reminded how the creative process is so much more than „just the drawing“. It’s facing a question/situation/issue, and then allowing the process to unfold and take me through to the other side. The drawing is at the core of it. The transformation begins with the question, and it doesn’t always end when I put the pen down. It’s like the entire day around a drawing becomes a Healing Art transformation. Whatever questions I put out there when I enter the process, I am not always being given an answer in one sentence. Like in this case, when I sought clarity, I ended up going through different situations where I had to make conscious choices to be clear.

And I arrived at last. During my evening meditation I suddenly saw how I could proceed with the drawing. How I could make it easy for myself (which is always the key for bringing flow back when I fall out of it).

What if we are flooded with more information than we can handle?

I am aware that having „too many ideas“ may seem like a non-problem on the surface. No one ever died from it (I think). But at the core of it is something I see many of us struggle with: being presented with more input than we can physically handle. It’s basically an information overload because we are connected to too many channels.

If this Healing Flower speaks to you, and you feel like you could use some support finding clarity on all levels of your being, you can purchase the original drawing on Etsy (I decided not to do a digitized version of it, so there really is just this one).

Or maybe you would like to commission me to draw a personal healing flower for you (for clarity, or any other issue/question you are working on in your life right now)? Write me with your inquiry at

Same goes if you have any questions about my art, art workshops and working with me 1:1 on how to use creativity to connect with yourself: contact me via

Wishing us all the clarity we need, and the creativity to find ways to regain it when we drop out of it. After all, life is a constant flow, so you can never really hold on to anything …

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