About me


Do you know that feeling of wanting to be seen the way you really are?

I know I do. I love showing who I really am, and I love seeing others and their uniqueness. I love encounters where we both are authentic and feel seen.

I am touched every time by the magic that arises when we dare to open up to this kind of encounter.

As a photographer I make people, situations and places visible for their beauty and their uniqueness. Read more.

As a translator and writer I help you express the voice that is uniquely yours, and thus reach your audience. Read more.

As a crystal healer I touch body, mind and soul even in the literal sense, in order to activate the self-healing powers you carry inside. Read more.

Whatever I do, I follow my own flow, and that allows for magic to happen. Therefore it is important that you trust me, that we both feel a connection.

I share my personal take on things on my Blog: pictures and stories from my trip around the world as well as my thoughts on the inner journey of life itself.

Looking forward to our encounter!