Crystal Oracle | FAQ


What is a crystal oracle?

My definition of a crystal oracle is making deep wisdom accessible with the help of crystals. Crystals are carriers and transmitters of information – messengers in other words. They give us access to our own truth, that deep wisdom that goes beyond our consciousness. As a trained crystal healer I know how to read crystals in order to access this knowledge not only for myself but also on behalf of those who request it.

What are crystal oracles good for?

Crystal oracles are a great tool when it comes to personal development because they go deep without being overwhelming. They make it easy for you to find your focus and thus: use your energy where it serves you best. A personal crystal oracle makes it possible for you to perceive yourself more clearly – your special qualities and abilities, as well as the areas of development that need a little extra attention.

How does it work?

When I do a crystal oracle (or a reading, as I also sometimes call it) I connect energetically with you and at the same time with my crystals. They are the key to our very own inner wisdom. When you order a crystal oracle from me, you are assigning me to the task to unearth your own knowledge. You will never become a complete “open book” for me during a reading. I only get the information that pertains to your question or request, and that serves you.


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